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Our real estate services are designed to assist clients with all the planning and transactional issues surrounding real estate holdings. As real estate is frequently one of the more valuable assets of a client and his business, particularly in a farm setting, protecting that asset is vital. Also vital is ensuring that all the nuances brought forward by the unique characteristics of real estate are fully understood before engaging in any transaction or other planning opportunity.

Over the years clients have asked us to undertake many different projects relating to real estate. A non-exhaustive, representative example of real estate projects we’ve undertaken are listed below:

  1. Assisting clients with the purchase and sale of both residential and commercial real estate, including farms;
  2. Preparing commercial leases (including farm leases) for both property owners to ensure the long-term profitability of the property as well as protecting the landowner from risk;
  3. Helping clients develop homeowner and condominium associations and sell lots and units to prospective homeowners in our community;
  4. Negotiating tax-free exchange transactions with multiple landowners who desire to exchange one real estate holding for another;
  5. Establishing easements over neighboring property to allow for land access;
  6. Drafting a land installment contract to allow for a real estate transaction to close when institutional financing was unavailable to the purchaser;

  7. Executing a forcible entry and detainer action to remove a tenant who is n breach of his lease contract with the landowner.

Any real estate project necessarily carries with it a certain documents that must be drafted and signed in order to properly accomplish the parties’ objectives. An example of the kinds of documents a client might see, depending upon the project, are as follows:

  • purchase agreement
  • land installment contract
  • lease, deed, easement
  • affidavit
  • declaration and bylaws

For more information, you’re welcome to read through our database of original content on our site. Our most recent writings with a “real estate” tag are below:

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