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Recap: Navigating an Estate Plan in the New Year

On December 4, 2013, I was given the opportunity to speak at Fisher-Titus Medical Center to a small group of attendees on various estate planning topics. For those readers not in attendance, below is a brief recap of that presentation: 1. Overview of the Probate Process. The term “probate” refers mostly to the formal court… View Article view article

Trusts and the Probate Process

Many Ohio residents set up revocable living trusts to administer assets both before and after their lifetimes.  There are a number of different reasons to undertake trust planning, but one of the reasons often given is to “avoid probate.”  However, setting up the trust by itself, without taking any further steps, won’t cause an individual’s assets to… View Article view article

[Video] FAQ: What is Probate?

New Video: Frequently Asked Questions:  What is Probate?   view article

Last Week’s Probate Presentation

I had the pleasure of speaking last week at a continuing education event for other attorneys on matters relating to probate administration. One of my topics of responsibility had to do with the role of the executor (or administrator) in effectively administering an estate. While that presentation was geared toward other lawyers, many non-lawyer individuals… View Article view article

The 5 Big Worries of Estate Planning: #2 Probate

Why does everyone want to avoid probate?  Many individuals share this goal when starting the estate planning process, but what exactly does it mean to “avoid probate” and why is probate so evil? In very general terms, probate is the process by which the estate of a decedent is administered and the assets distributed to… View Article view article