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[Video] FAQ: Will the Government Take my Assets if I Need Nursing Home Care?

Frequently Asked Question: Will the Government Take my Assets if I Need Nursing Home Care?   view article

The 5 Big Worries of Estate Planning: #3 Medicaid/Long-term Care

As a large segment of our population continues to age, those individuals and their families are increasingly becoming concerned about the cost of long-term care and the impact that cost might have on the ability to transfer assets to the next generation.  In the past, the Ohio estate tax was a real concern for many… View Article view article

Legal Word of the Week: “Penalty Period” (from August 2011)

Also known as the Restricted Medicaid Coverage Period in Ohio, the “penalty period” is a period of months in which the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services will deny Medicaid coverage to an applicant due to improper transfers made during the 60 month period immediately prior to the date when that applicant is otherwise… View Article view article

What’s the Difference Between a Health Care Power of Attorney and a Living Will? (from October 2010)

The accepted form* used in the State of Ohio that we often help clients complete contains both a Living Will Declaration and Health Care Power of Attorney. They are incredibility similar documents, with a couple distinct differences.The living will is a declaration made by the client on behalf of himself with regard to his wishes… View Article view article

You Don’t Have to Volunteer to Pay Mother’s Nursing Home Costs (from October 2010)

Often when an elderly individual finally makes the decision to take up residence in a nursing home, the children are the ones tasked with investigating locations of facilities, level of care, cost, Medicaid and a host of other issues.  At some point along the way, it’s not uncommon for a nursing home administrator, as part… View Article view article