Notice to Subcontractors: Don’t Forget to Furnish a Notice of Furnishing (from April 2010)

It’s construction season again.  In our practice, it’s mechanic’s lien season again.  Many times, payment and quality issues can be resolved without resorting to complicated real estate filings.  However, it’s often the case that a supplier or contractor (particularly a subcontractor) will need to file a mechanic’s lien to create sufficient leverage to negotiate the… View Article view article

New Planning Opportunity for JTRS Real Estate – (from April 2010)

In our practice it has become common to utilize transfer on death beneficiary designations for residential real estate to avoid the probate costs that often unnecessarily accompany the transfer of real estate that does not have a named beneficiary in the chain of title.  However, until a December 28, 2009 change in the law, a… View Article view article

Moving old posts to the new website……

We’ve been working on putting together our new website so that we can have all the blogging, social media, etc. tied into one, centralized location.  For the next several posts, I’ll be migrating posts from another blog site to get them here.  I’ll reference the dates so you’ll know what’s current and what’s not. Thanks… View Article view article