First Line of Defense for Small Business

The weather in Norwalk and surrounding communities has been treacherous lately. At my house, we were down around -10 degrees before factoring in the wind chill. On top of that, snow was blowing and ice was accumulating around buildings, sidewalks and other facilities. In other words, we’ve had the type of weather that is a… View Article view article

The 4 Questions to Answer Before Making Gifts [Part 4 of 4]

In our estate planning and elder law practice, we talk with many clients who are interested in making significant gifts of assets during their lifetimes to their children. Anytime we meet to discuss lifetime gifting, we inevitably discuss 4 topics of consideration: 1. Will the gift create federal gift tax problems? 2. Will the gift… View Article view article

[Video] FAQ: What are the Steps to an Ohio Real Estate Sale?

Frequently Asked Questions: What are the Steps to an Ohio Real Estate Sale? Many times individuals will reach a handshake deal among themselves for the purchase and sale of a particular piece of real estate.  However, those individuals sometimes don’t know the steps it takes to get that handshake from there through the closing and… View Article view article

Recap: Navigating an Estate Plan in the New Year

On December 4, 2013, I was given the opportunity to speak at Fisher-Titus Medical Center to a small group of attendees on various estate planning topics. For those readers not in attendance, below is a brief recap of that presentation: 1. Overview of the Probate Process. The term “probate” refers mostly to the formal court… View Article view article

Don’t Overlook Information from the Title Company Before Closing a Real Estate Deal

Real estate transactions almost always close through a title company.  Among the things a title company frequently does to assist with the closing process is to provide a title search and title insurance commitment. When a title company is preparing to assist with the transfer of a particular piece of real estate, an agent from… View Article view article