Norwalk, Ohio Estate and Business Planning Lawyer

What sets us apart?


Many of our services are tailored to meet the planning and transactional needs of our clients. As compared to many other law offices, our practice can be largely managed without being at the mercy of a court’s docketing schedule. It’s good for our clients because we’re able to maintain maximum flexibility to react quickly to various situations as they arise. We know our clients expect us to be there for them – so we make it a priority.


All attorneys can’t be excellent in all practice areas – it’s just not possible in today’s ever-changing legal and regulatory environment. For that reason, we’ve focused our energies on estate planning, small business transactions, real estate, and probate. We believe a focus that is narrower than the general practitioner will enable us to provide more value to our clients.


We see all our clients as people rather than “files” or “cases” that have some type of built-in expiration date. If we stopped caring at the conclusion of a project, you’d always wonder whether we did everything we could possibly do to achieve the best outcome, or just the outcome that would be best for us. We don’t operate like that – we care about a long-term, decades-long relationship with our clients. We believe that it is impossible to develop that type of relationship without caring about the individual, regardless of the legal project at hand.

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