Hi Everyone:

I’m writing to let you know that as of June 1, 2021, I will be closing my law practice for the reason
that one of our long-time clients offered both Elisabeth and I the opportunity to work in-house for
them on a full-time basis. In light of this opportunity, I’ll be unable to continue representing you
on your legal matters as of that date.

I realize this news may come as a complete surprise (which is understandable because it all came
together rather quickly for us too), and while Elisabeth and I have made efforts to contact many of
you prior to this more “formal” notice being sent, I know we haven’t made contact with everyone,
and so I apologize for the lack of a personal touch. However, it’s important that several details are
communicated clearly in writing, which is the reason for this notice.

Further, this notice is particularly important because the practice is not being sold or handed off to
another attorney or law firm.

New Work. I always appreciate your continued trust and support, but my general position is that
I intend not to take on any new work between now and June 1, 2021. I realize that on a case-bycase
basis there may be small, relatively quick matters that can be open and shut during this interim
period, but I simply can’t make it a habit given all the open items that need resolution. Also, I
won’t be able to take on new work after June 1, 2021 in any event. Thank you in advance for your

General Note on File Transfers or Pick Ups. Whether past or current, old or new, I don’t own your
legal documents nor do I own the right to conclude work or own the right to make decisions about
your legal work. I’ve attached a file transfer request form that you may use if you’d like records
in my possession to be transferred to another attorney or law firm. Alternatively, if your future
attorney has a different form, that’s ok too. I just need written authorization in order to release
documents (unless you come in person to pick them up of course, in which case we’ll ask you to
sign a receipt). If you intend to pick up your file in person, I ask that you contact our office ahead
of time so we (i) have time to gather and organize things, particularly older items that may be
archived; and (ii) can avoid unnecessary congregating in the office lobby given present Covid-19

If you don’t have a pre-existing relationship with another attorney to help you with future matters,
the Huron County Bar Association maintains a list of attorneys and the areas in which they practice
at www.huroncountybar.org. The “Members” and “Areas of Practice” tabs may be useful for you.
Other county bar associations likely maintain similar resources.

Past Clients / Closed Files. For those of you receiving this letter who were past clients (of either
me or any other lawyers practicing at 54 East Main Street), and who may have closed files which
remain in my possession, in either hard copy or digital format, my plan to handle your files is as

 1. Files without original documents: If the file or matter is more than seven (7) years old,

and if it has been closed or inactive more for than seven (7) years, my plan is to destroy the
file (shredding in the case of paper; proper deletion in the case of digital) if the file is still
in my possession on June 1, 2021. If the file or matter is less than seven (7) years old, and
if it has been closed or inactive for less than seven (7) years, my plan is to destroy those
files (shredding in the case of paper; proper deletion in the case of digital) if they are still
in my possession as they come upon the seven (7) year anniversary of inactivity or closure.
For example, a file or matter that has been closed or inactive since October 15, 2017 would
be destroyed no earlier than October 15, 2024. Of course, if you request the return or
transfer of your file in writing prior to June 1, 2021, (or otherwise before the 7-year
anniversary), the file will not be destroyed, no matter how long it’s been closed or inactive.

 2. Files with original documents. These files will be handled the same as above with this
exception: we will not destroy original, signed wills, trusts, powers of attorney, or other
executed documents in my possession in which retention of the original is important. Right
now, original estate planning documents are stored in locked, fireproof filing cabinets in
my building. Those original documents that are still in my possession as of June 1, 2021
will be delivered to the Huron County Probate Court for safekeeping. I strongly urge you
to personally pick up or make other arrangements for the transfer or delivery of original
estate planning documents prior to June 1, 2021.


Current Clients / Open Files. For those of you receiving this letter who are current clients with
open files or unfinished matters, my plan to handle your files is as follows:

1. General Issues. My goal is to bring all open matters to completion prior to June 1, 2021.
If I don’t believe I’ll be able to get the work finished, I will contact you separately.
Alternatively, if you would prefer I immediately stop all work and return your file, that’s
completely understandable and I’m happy to accommodate that request.

2. Probate Matters. For any case in which I am counsel of record in a probate court, I will
have to either complete the case (close the estate; file a final account) or formally withdraw
as counsel on or before June 1, 2021. In these situations, I will contact you separately if I
believe the matter cannot be completed prior to June 1, 2021, otherwise, I will continue
every effort to bring the matter to completion before that date.

3. Other Items. On rare occasions some of you have asked that I be nominated as statutory
agent for a company or nominated as a fiduciary in estate planning documents. I’m happy
to resign those roles or nominations immediately and to participate in working through
documents to remove myself from those posts upon your request.

I realize that receiving this notice is of particular concern to current clients, and I’m sympathetic
to the fact that the timing in a situation like this will never be perfect, so my goal is to be as
accommodating as I can while understanding that I have to get things wrapped up by June 1, 2021.
I thank you in advance for being patient and understanding.

Community Members. For those of you receiving this letter who aren’t current clients and haven’t
been clients in the past, but with whom we’ve had some type of relationship over the years, I’ll
still be around as my family and I plan to continue living in Norwalk and participating in the same
community activities. I appreciate and am thankful for all the relationships that have been
developed. This is simply the next chapter of my career and an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.

Future Contact Info. Elisabeth’s and my email addresses (el@markcoriell.com;
mc@markcoriell.com) may remain active for a short time after June 1, 2021, but if you need to
contact us after that date to get access to an old (but not yet destroyed) file or otherwise for officerelated
business, I encourage you to use the following email addresses: For Elisabeth:
elandy.oh@gmail.com; for me: coriell.mark@gmail.com. The office phone number (419-668-
4896) will remain active to forward calls to a new number for a short time after June 1, 2021, but
email will likely be a better means of communication. Finally, mail sent to 54 East Main Street
will be rerouted to another address or PO Box and checked periodically as of June 1, 2021, but,
again, I encourage email communication. The office at 54 East Main Street will be locked and
will not be regularly manned by staff as of June 1, 2021.

Thank you for all your support over the last 12 years. Working with you has been a pleasure.



54 East Main Street

Norwalk, OH 44857

Phone: 419-668-4896

Fax: 419-663-7835



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